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Whether it is your first pregnancy or your last pregnancy, here at KDP we believe it is a monumental moment in your life and it is worth preserving.



There are few things in this life greater than the sweet, sweet joy that a newborn baby brings to a home.  At KDP, we realize how incredibly breathtaking your moments with your newborn will be and we want to help you keep a little piece of that with you forever.  **Ask about the KDP Grow With Me Package**



Taking the time to document your family as it grows is one of the best investments you will make.  Life gets SO busy and before we know it,  today has become yesterday.  Taking a moment to preserve a little bit of today for tomorrow is what we do best. 



There is something special about Senior year. For starters, it is the last year of grade school for both parent and student!  That alone is reason enough to book a photography session.  Savor this chapter in your life.  It goes quickly.