I know, I know...  how much does it cost?  You’ve seen my work & you think it’s great but know you want to know how much. It's a fair question, we all have budgets and cost is the  #1 factor that people look at when choosing a photographer.  As an artist, I wish it wasn't but the reality is that people ask what things cost almost immediately. 


It truly is a complex question for me to answer for my clients.  My service is customized to your needs.  There is no one size fits all at KDP, here you only buy what you love!  During your reveal and ordering session, you will be able to choose from mounted prints, framed wall art, canvas wall art, folio boxes, photo books and albums.  Thats why hiring me is different.  On a price sheet, I can't show you how beautiful your images will be in person, you can't feel the texture of prints, or hear the crack of an album as you open it and truly see the beauty of what I offer.   


A price sheet won't tell you how great you will feel seeing your images for the first time.  How you might even shed a tear  at how excited you will be to display these in your home.   It won't tell you that you will hug me with gratitude when you receive your new custom made, professionally designed and created album because you know it will be a part of your family legacy for generations.  These are things that I cannot communicate over the internet.



Portrait Session Retainer: $150

Cake Smash Session Retainer: $250


Wedding Coverage starts at $1600


Full resolution digital negatives are available as an add-on to a product purchase and are priced on a sliding scale.  Your custom package purchase that includes wall art or folio box purchases determines the price, if any,  of your digital negatives.


The average client of Kerry Daly Photography invests between $800 - $2000 on their portrait purchase.