New Year, New You!

How professional headshots will benefit you more than you think.


It’s a first impression


       You may not realize this, but your headshot is actually an introduction.  If you use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, your avatar / headshot will be the first impression for recruiters and prospects alike. We live in an era where recruiters and potential clients have the ability to investigate us personally before ever hiring us.  A professional, polished headshot represents you well.  You will have already  made a good impression when that recruiter or perspective does a quick Google search before contacting you.  You must think about how your brand (personal, professional, or both) is being represented at all times.  What does an outdated, blurry selfie say about your brand?  What kind of impression will that give?


Tells your story


       We all have a story and your headshot is the perfect way to let your personality and expertise shine through.  When choosing a location, you should choose one that best suits your career and desired visual aesthetic.  Working with a professional photographer will help you keep your headshots in alignment with your brand.  


It is a worthwhile investment


       This is an investment in you r future.  Having a professional quality headshot does more than look good to the eyes of a potential recruiter or prospect. It instills confidence in you. That confidence will radiate through you and every person who sees your headshot will feel it.  Recruiters will see you as a strong, confident professional.  To be clear, a professional headshot is a financial investment as well, but it is one that is worth the cost.  Sometimes the financial investment of working with a professional photographer can be surprising, but you need to think past the initial investment. If having a quality headshot helps you land thatjob or secure thatproject that leads to a promotion, or attracts your idealclients, the professional benefits and potential financial gains will far out way the initial investment. Now take a look at your current avatar, if you were on the other side would you be impressed by you?  Are you representing yourself well? Invest in yourself and your future, I promise you will not regret it!

Kerry Daly is a professional photographer located in Roanoke, Virginia.  Considered the Primer Portrait Artist in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas, Kerry offers her clients an exceptionally high level of service. Kerry will be hosting a limited edition New Year, New You headshot experience on January 25th 2020.  This opportunity will be limited to a select few, securing your spot early is recommended.  To learn more, visit www.kerrydaly.com/contact


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