5 Tips for Picture Perfect Visits with Santa

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Are you planning a trip to see Santa this year?  Maybe it is your first time or maybe you are hoping to finally get a picture of your kids with Santa without someone crying.  I hear you!  Visiting Santa can be a cherished family tradition year after year… long after your oldest stops believing in Santa.  As a Momma to two small kiddos and a professional photographer who works with children regularly, I’m here to give you 5 must read tips for the Perfect Santa Experence.


1)   PLAN AHEAD.  The holiday season is no doubt an extremely busy time for most families.  Lucky for us, Christmas is the same day every year!  Make it a tradition to visit Santa the first weekend after Thanksgiving.  A planned visit will go much smoother than an impulsive one; trust me! 

2)    CHOOSE AN EARLY TIME.  This is especially important if you have little people.  Older kids will be fine with visiting Santa later in the day but little ones will do much better earlier in the day when they are still fresh and haven’t worn down yet.

3)   DRESS THE KIDS IN NICE BUT COMFY CLOTHING.  Kids like to be comfortable (can you blame them?) So if your child doesn’t like dress clothes, find an alternative you are happy with.  My son HATES dress shirts, so I bought him a nice dress quarter zip sweater.  He was comfy and also still looked nice.  Win, win! 

4)   VISIT SANTA EARLY IN THE SEASON. Kick off the holiday season with a trip to see Santa.  This will also give you time to use your Santa pictures for your Holiday Cards.  Two birds, one stone! 

5)   PREPARE THE KIDS, (especially toddlers & preschoolers).   Hype your kids up about Santa!  Tell them who you are going to visit & how awesome it is going to be!  The longer they have to process the idea, the better!


Kerry Daly is a professional photographer located in Roanoke, Virginia.  Considered the Primer Portrait Artist in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas, Kerry offers her clients an exceptionally high level of service.  To learn more about Kerry Daly Photography and how she can help your family, please visit www.kerrydaly.com


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