3 Reasons why Summer Sessions are the BEST

It's no secret that Fall and Spring are sought out seasons for photography.  With the beautiful fall foliage or the stunning spring blooms, it is no wonder why so many people choose those seasons to have their portrait taken.  Summer is often overlooked and I think it is because we forget the magic that summer holds. Long, warm summer nights chasing lightening bugs.  Family trips to the lake, cooking out with family and friends, spending lazy Saturdays at the pool...  Summer gifts up so many magical memories.  Here are three reasons why you should consider having your family's portrait taken in the Summer this year. 

1)  We only get 18 summers with our babies. I know you have probably already seen that statement floating around the social media world but it is SO TRUE.  If we are being completely honest, we really don't even get 18 because we all know that the teen years are consumed with friendships and summer loves.  I have zero expectations that my kids will want to hang with me when they are 17.  At the moment they are 4 and 1/12.  I am literally their favorite person on the planet and I am SOAKING that up.  I want to remember all of our visits to the creek or lake or pool or wherever!!   Capture this moment.  I PROMISE you, you will not regret it.

2) Summer Sunsets are MAGIC.  By now you probably have a sense that I love a summer evening.  Summer sunsets though truly are magic.  They are warm and carefree.  They are breathtakingly beautiful.  But here is why they are truly magic: when you have your photography session during a summer sunset, you are *literally preserving that feeling forever*.  

The thing I love the most about photography is that people remember how they felt not just how they looked.  You will look at your portrait 10 years from now, (Gasp, I’ll have teenagers in my case!)  andyou will  remember exactly how you felt that day.  You will remember the long evenings, the cookouts, the trips to the lake or pool or creek or wherever.  You will gift yourself that feeling for the rest of your days.  That my friends is magic.

3) You are genuinely happy during the summer. Maybe it's the amount of sun that we get in the summer or maybe it’s just the warm weather, I'm really not sure but people are just happier in the summer.   Whether you realize it or not, that really does show during your session.  If you are stressed, you better believe your kids will pick up on that and will also feel stressed and ALL of that plays out on camera.  The opposite is true as well.  If you are genuinely just happy, your kids will be too and ALL of that plays out on camera.  

Contact me today to discuss how we can preserve your summer memories! 

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