Jesse & Michelle, Engaged

Jesse contacted me a little while back and asked if I would be willing to hike the Cascade Falls Hike in Pembroke, Virginia to capture his surprise engagement.  Little did he know, being engulfed in nature is my happy place!  I cannot tell you how soothing it is to my soul to be surrounded by the natural sounds of this earth.  Needless to say, I was happy to help him.  On the day of the engagement, we were so lucky to find snow on the ground!  I arrived to the trail about thirty minutes ahead of Jesse and Michelle,  as I needed to get to the falls before they did.  Being so early in the morning, I found myself alone on the trail.  A beautiful, snowy hike with paths and stairs made of stone that traveled along side breathtaking rapids; a photographer's dream.    When I arrived to the waterfall, I awaited Jesse and Michelle patiently.  Being 11am, the light was challenging.  Bright light is always a challenge for photographers and with a surprise engagement, I knew I wouldn't have the opportunity to direct the couple where to stand.  Their session turned out beautiful and the hike back out, that was truly our playground.  A snowy forest with waterfalls and rapids?? Yes, Please!!!  Check out a few of my favorite images below!

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