August is Three

Wild Free & Three

  My oldest son, the one who gave me this beautiful title of Mom, has turned three.  It’s amazing how he has transformed from a helpless little babe into this little wild man right in frontof my eyes.  It doesn’t seem possible, surely it’s only been three months  not three years... I think I say that every day.  
  As sentimental as I get thinking about him growing up; I’m just as excited to see all of his new abilities and watch him develop into his own person!  
  August is a Thomas the train addict.  We recently visited Tweetsie Railroad in Boone, NC for a live Thomas the Train event and it BLEW his little toddler mind! He loves all things dinosaur.  His favorite toys by far are his two, one and a half foot tall rubber dinosaurs.  Funny enough, they require no batteries, make no noises and do not light up ( perfect formula to be Mom’s favorite, too!)  All they require is imagination, which August has plenty of. 
  He loves to wrestle. Do not be surprised if you come to my home and a tiny blonde ninja jumps on your back, you have been warned.  He is also an aggressive hugger.  Full of love and just wanting to share it; you might find him hugging you tightly or squeezing your face to give you a kiss. There are worst traits, I’m sure.  He loves the pool and going to the park.  
   He will start preschool soon and I could not be more excited for him.  He is so ready to be around other little people and learn new things.  I can’t wait to meet his first real friend, someone he clicks with all on his own.  
  I will try to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the ride as he continues to grow so quickly.   I know it goes fast and he won’t stay this little forever, even though I wouldn’t mind if he did.  So I’ll take the snuggles when I can get them and I’ll always play trains with him when he ask.  I love you, August. More than you know and I’ll always be here to help guide you along your journey.  Be wild, be free, and enjoy being three


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    Rebecca Daly (Tuesday, 03 July 2018 18:16)

    What an amazing tribute to an amazing little boy. And what a lucky little boy to have a Mom like you. Happy Three Years, August!