Ebony & LaMichael's Engagement session

   When Ebony asked if we could schedule her engagement session for March 24th, we both had a warm spring session in mind.  Originally, we were going to meet on the Blue Ridge Parkway at sunset to capture the couple with gorgeous open spaces and mountain backgrounds.  Yes, we planned for a spring engagement session, winter however, decided she wasn't done for the year just yet and surprised us with a late snow storm!

     Being that the couple lives in Charlotte, N.C., we decided to go with the flow and have a snowy engagement session instead.  I'll be honest, I was a little intemidated by how fast the snow was falling.  Shooting in the snow can be challenging.  What you imagine as a beautiful snowy photo can easily turn into a photo full of white blobs instead.  No one wants a photo of white blobs. I accepted the challenge though and asked the couple to meet me at The Hotel Roanoke and planned to venture into down town Roanoke.   

   Ebony and LaMichael were such a great couple to work with for a accidental snow session.  They were fun. cheerful, and obviously comfortable with each other.  They were the exactly what you would expect for two future newly weds and bonus, *they brought a umbrella that matched their outfits*.  I mean come on, could you ask for a better couple?  They truly made the job easy! I can't wait for their wedding this August, it is going to be magnificent! 

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