Owen at three months

It's hard to believe that Owen turned three months old mid December.   It literally feels like he was born yesterday.  I know that everyone says that and they probably mean it but it truly, truly does in this case.   Being born in mid September, put Owen's first three months right in the middle of the holiday season.  It seems like someone hit the fast forward button, between the initial wave of people visiting, then Halloween, then traveling before Thanksgiving and hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at our home; Christmas was here before we even knew it; which also involved traveling and hosting guest at our home. (Obviously, this was also the best time to start the photography business I always dreamed of.. hahaha.)  As much as we loved visiting and hosting; we are officially tired and welcoming a few slow winter months ahead.  


Owen is already holding his head up fairly well, has turned over from his back to his belly, and is all smiles most of the time.  He loves to be talked to and watching his big brother.   He has recently discovered the joy of being bounced and is gaining better control over his arm and hand movements.  He will be crawling before we know it at this rate!  His little grin & laugh melt my heart every time; which fortunately for me, happens multiple times throughout the day.  


Happy three months Owen, you are loved immensely.

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