Appalachia Church

   Today, I am thankful for a husband who likes to explore as much as I do!  We stumbled upon this spectacular old church today (aka,  I already knew about it, but couldn't ever really explore it because I always have kids with me!) and I am obsessed with it.  Elijah offered to stay in the car with the sleeping kiddos so that I could check this place out.  It literally feels like you are traveling back in time as walk down the gravel road to the secluded white chapel.  This place feels how old books smell.  That probably sounds weird to some people, but I personally love the smell of old books.  It's the same smell that old country stores have.  It's the aroma of history, it's a glimpse into a world that is almost foreign now.  There is such beauty and romance in that.


   I mean seriously, can you even imagine a sweeter wedding venue than the small white mountain chapel tucked away in the woods?  I wanted to slap some evergreen wreaths on those doors and see a bride walk down that road in classic wedding dress with a magnificent bouquet made up of evergreens, white roses, and red berries.  Add a horse drawn carriage and I literally wouldn't be able to handle the perfection.  Maybe one day; for now I will have to file this under: please god someone ask me for a suggestion for a wedding venue.  ;) 

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